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Question Still working on making my 220D go... can you identify an electrical component for me

Alright, I'm STILL waiitng for that Haynes to arrive, so in the meantime, I am guessing at what's what under the hood. I am doing pretty well with most of the doo-dads under there, but one has got me stumped... there's a box with four connections underneath mounted on the firewall (in the engine bay) on the passenger's side. It's near the a/c condenser, and it's bracket is mounted to the firewall by two small diameter bolts.

ANother box that has me guessing is the one mounted on the passenger side inner fender of the engine bay; it looks like a lighting relay, perhaps, and has a three-contact connector (plastic male/female ends) that runs into the wiring harness.

This car is a 71 220D, if that helps... built 11/70, I believe.

Any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated. I am making slow progress on this car, but it's been very rewarding to see little things start working, one by one. The blower, lights, etc... all work now. I can't wait to get the starter to crank over, and then the glow plugs to glow!

Thanks again for any guidance (or guesses!) you may be able to provide!!!

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