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Originally posted by someguyfromMaryland

If you really want to talk timing chain nightmare, find a shop to let you see the inside of a 600 V-12. Four cams, gears in contact with chain for only about 120 degrees of rotation, I'd hate to be paying to maintain one of those!
The Infiniti Q45 has a labour charge of over 40 hours for a timing chain change. It's one huge job that requires removal of the engine from the chassis. I see quite a few early '90's Q45's on the market for cheap, and I suspect the owners have gotten a quote for timing chain replacement. I think the V-12 MB and the Infiniti V-8 are about the same in $$$ for this job.

The Q45 with active suspension is also an expensive nightmare, as the suspension is failure prone and unbeliveably expensive to fix.

So next time you're sitting next to a Q in traffic in your W140, don't envy "Japanese low maintenance costs."
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