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Thumbs down Fast Idle Not Working

Since I've bought my 1976 230, I've had problems with my fast idle. I have to keep my foot on the gas (when cold starting) until the car warms up before I can drive it without it stalling.

The last Mercedes tech I saw had said to me that there is a problem with the fast idle that causes the car to rev higher until the car is warm, eliminating the need to keep my foot on the gas.

Before I take it in to the shop to have this checked out, I'd like some advise on what may be wrong.

Since then, I've noticed that my air pump doesn't have a belt running it !!! Hello !

I'm wondering if it is a matter of just attaching a new V-belt to it (providing it works) or will I need to re-adjust the fuel/air mixtures, etc.

Sorry for the length. Hope you can shed some light on my problem.



1976 230.4 W115 (With Stromberg 175 CD Carb)
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