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WOW......that was really informative, im glad to see your point of view when you drive both of them like I do...I can see where you are making a point. We have had the C200 since new and the car has started and stopped every single day since the day we bought it. We have only changed the tyres once and it has not ever needed any major repairs. It does use very little fuel which is great. The AC is excellent and is far better than in dads 300TE. The thing is, I can no way afford a 94-95 series model..(btw, im from Australia and the biggest engined car we got here was the 3.2ltr six). I cant afford any E-class other than a late, maybe updated 300E. So, I guess im going to keep this car and cherish it and look after it. Im glad to have this kind of car at all at my age...



89 300TE
97 C200 Elegance
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