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Hi Christian,

Good to see a posting from a fellow Australian. I think you have made a wise decision. As you do travel a fair bit, a newer car is the way to go. Hopefully you do mainly freeway driving, hence the lack of acceleration would be tolerable. From memory your C200 starts off in second, which is a nuisance and that dead feeling accelerator's no help either...BUT once it is moving it runs beautifully.

I too am contemplating if I should move to something newer, but I still can't decide. BTW I have a '93 E220. I think a 94-95 E320 would be a great replacement, but values are still sky high for a low mileage one, which is hard to justify (my brain talking here) but everytime I see one on the road, I just fall in love (XXX)!!.

Quite sure my accountant would say "NO" !
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