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Originally posted by PA_Joe_300E
Do they inspect the brake linings, front end, muffler, ect. Does the shop do the inspection or do you bring it to the state
In New York they are supposed to check the front end, on a lift, the brake linings, lights, horn and after 1986 emissions, in our aria just a visual inspection to make sure all the equipment is connected and working. This can be done at any registered auto shop. Some are strict and others do not even look at the car and just hand you the sticker. Cost here is 14. There may be a way to appeal but not worth it just take it to another shop. Really not worth the paper the sticker is printed on. In "the" city they do a sniffer test to check emissions as well, but I am about 50 miles out of NYC so we just get a visual inspection. I believe all some one from the city has to do is come up here and have the inspection done they do not care where you live, as it is not computerized. If it was done correctly it would be good.
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