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I took my 87 300E to the local shop. The guy there do good work but the inspector failed it for the right side headlight wiper not working. I took it down the road to a tire shop and asked if that would pass. He said the only the front windshield wipers had to work. He test drove the car and went through the inspection and passed it. So the next day I took my 86 ford ranger in and they call me and said it had a bad brake shimmy and the alignment pulled. Cut front rotors and drum and 4 wheel alignment 400.00. The truck runs perfectly no pull or brake shimmy. Brakes and rotors less then a year old about 4500 miles.

Iím thinking what if I was a single mother with limited income. 4 wheel alignment on a twin I beam truck? They have a license to steal.

I took all four wheels off and checked the rotors with a dial indicator. Just barely .001 out. Drums about .004.The law is .005 The next day I took it to the ford dealer and they pass it.

The inspection law has not change in 35 years. The engineered safety has improved drastically. In 1965 if you brakes sprung a leak there was no backup. There were no recalls, or government manufacturing standards. Automobiles today are safe. I should not have to put a dial indicator on my rotors to know if my car is safe. The inspection law in Pennsylvania is much too critical. And it cost the public millions in useless repairs.

So how do other states do it. I heard that in Delaware you drive thought a lane to check your lights and horn and stop on a skid plate that checks you brakes and alignment. Has anyone heard of this type of state inspection?
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