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Robert W. Roe
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I have a 1983 300SD. I replaced the seat switch with the upgrade kit yesterday, and today I tried to replace the door panel. It's not easy, since there is a philips screw that wants to be tight that is at the end of the armrest ... and it gets covered by the plate, so I had to slide the plate halfway down the armrest, scuffing it all up, then trying to push everything back up, all of it being plastic. Either there is a trick to it, or I don't get it. Anyway, I think I may have destroyed the new switch. There is/was a protruding pin at the rear of the switch, and I had problems getting the plate to seat on the switch, and broke off the unused (?) pin. Any clue what that extra pin does? I heard that it might be for the security system, which my car doesnt have. Now it blew one of the 25 amp fuses, and only half of the switch works, and the seat is reclined too far, and I can't adjust it anymore. Any ideas before I pull that door panel back off? Anyone know what wires adjust the seatback angle, in case I did toast the switch. I just want to be able to sit upright again. Ideally, I'd like the whole door panel to be right, but it has me baffled.