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Using Version 1-pre 8/82 Vehicle

Originally Posted by tarnbarn View Post
... I think that the stuff about weighting the car down when reinstalling only applies if you're using version 1
Hey Giles,

Unfortunately I am installing the struts on an '82 wagon (mfd 11/81) so I have to use the version 1 upper suspension mounts which means i have to: Assemble only at level specified for loaded vehicle! What is this level and with how much weight in it? It also says to measure semi-trailing arm position of rear axle and load rear end accordingly. No Comprende!

As for the struts, the ones I pulled today are also like the ones in the manual with the hex bolt on top. i got lucky that I had a #6 hex attachment for my wratchet and they came right out. I did have to fight the pressure hose attached to the strut a little but all in all it was a good day. i also got two rear springs out of the deal. i don't know anything about the other type of strut you have as i haven't come across any yet in my journey into the heart of the suspension but perhaps they are out of the non-wagon Euro sedans that were mentioned earlier.

Maybe the problem with the written portion of the manual is in the translation from German.

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