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success changing motor mount

I finally changed my motor mount this wednesday. it was pretty simple. the only trouble i had as in taking out the 8mm allen bolt, it as pretty well frozen and i was affraid i would round it out internally. i jacked up the motor and removed the 6mm bolts that way from the top. that was pretty simple only the side under the engine arm is a little inaccessable but do able, in my case they were pretty loose. i recommend removing only one mount bolt(8mm) at a time to simplify the re-attaching process as you have to line the tapped out holes with the 8mm bolt.when i was done i turned on the engine and almost thought the engine cut out.... it was that smooth(especially since it is a diesel). if your car rings your bell in park or at a stop light this will definetely fix it and give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment.
good luck
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