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Finally, I bit the bullet & took the car to my local MB dealer for a full AirCon Installation on Monday.
I have been following the work fairly closely
(turning up every other day). My dealer has been very good about this & feels comfortable with my walking onto the shop floor, talking to the guys while they actually do the job.

It really breaks my heart to see my car almost gutted. It looks a mess with the Dashboard & the front end all taken out :-(
I knew it was going to be a big job but I had not fully realized how BIG ;-)

They have changed the heater box, put in
a larger radiator & an extra radiator for the
AirCon ( drops behind the water radiator)
They had to install a new crossbar support for
the radiators. The support ( looks like an anti-roll bar ) is welded to the chasis &
the front-end of the car & the radiators rest
on it. The plastic cover for the fan is also
larger. The Radiator hoses are different and they also have to put in longer pipes ( one rubber and one metal )for the auto-transmission !! The car should be ready
on Monday & it will cost me approx $3000 :-(

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