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190E Questions before purchase

Hello All,
I'm looking into buying my mom a 190E. She seems to like them a lot (I would much prefer her in a 116,126, or 140 but she says they are too big for her to drive). I am interested in what issues these cars are known for and how reliable they are. Also is there anything special I should look for when test driving/inspecting one?

I am pretty handy with my diesel engines (617 and 603) but know almost nothing about the Mercedes gas engines; is this something I can work on or will it have to be taken into the shop?

Also finally I understand that the 190's are 201 body styles and the 300E from that era are 124's. From searching the threads they seem to be similar (a lot of posts say 190 and 300 in their tag lines) are the two models similar?

Thanks for any help,

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