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Well, you should know that 2007 is the 25th anniversary of the W201 chassis introduction. It was sold in the US from 84 thru 93 and over a million units were sold worldwide.

At this age, the car's maintenance history is the primary concern. By now, even the last years will have at around 80-90K miles, but most likely 120K or more and even in the best kept ones, it will be time to refresh the front and rear suspension pieces and have some concerns about the transmission.

The a/c system's compressor (Nippon Denso) seem to be prone to leaks. There was a known issue with the heater cores bursting. In all fairness, this was not a MB fault, since VW, BMW and other brands using the same parts suffered the same fate . . . it's just that MB was the sole hold out for settlement.

The 2.6L M103 has the symptomatic issue with headgasket failures around 90K miles.

Rust typically occurs near the jack holes and also at the corners of the body.

The center console switches (flasher, windows, speaker fader), exposed to grit, gasses and other debris are notable for a high failure rate.

Dash cracks are common, as well as brittle plastic dash pieces.

I would suggest seeking out a later model (92 or 93) that has a minimal number of owners who have service records available. Perhaps your mom would like a used W202?
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