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Originally posted by sixto
Doesn't the US C240 also have an M111?
No. It's not an inline 4-valve-per-cylinder DOHC design. It's the newer 2.6L M112 family 3-valve-per-cylinder SOHC engine in V-6 form.

It's turning about to be a great engine, but I'm a tad disappointed at the C240 performance. It has 18hp more than my C230, but at the track this summer, my C230 automatic ran pretty much exactly the same acceleration times as an 01 C240 automatic. Mid 8's 0-60 and mid 16's 1/4's. I imagine the manny-tranny C240 might be quicker.

I would strongly consider a new W203 SEDAN (sorry about missing the Coupe) if they offered the 2.7L inline-five turbodiesel. Auto-mags agree that it's the real jewel in the C-Class line. Unreal fuel economy combined with stump-pulling torque. Our stupid low-grade diesel precludes us from getting it here.
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