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Kevin Maier
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Thanks.... as luck would have it, I just received a new Impco catalog. Guess..... they just happen to list the Shrick camshafts for the 190E 2.3 and 2.6 again! Price for the 2.6 cam is $550.00. They also offer some interesting brake upgrades, euro headlamps and K&N air filters and some suspension upgrades..... but NO exhaust options.

I'm not a big fan of aftermarket ignition systems.... have yet to find much of anything that truly adds much beyond the original gear. If anything, I would look for a more powerful ignition coil. Renntech is quite close to me (south florida) but I find their prices to be extreme.... granted, they do superb work, but you can easily double the price of the car in some cases.

Regards, KM