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You oughta do the front too.

You'll need a 19mm socket and a 19mm box wrench. Undo the three bolts that hold the drive shaft to the disk, then the three that hold the disk to the differential. You might need an impact to accomplish this (I did the other night, only took a few seconds to disassemble). Using a suitable large pry bar or sturdy screw driver, separate the shaft from the disk, then pry the disk off the differential. You might also have to loosen the large nut at the carrier bearing to allow the shaft to slide forward a mite, then again you might find that nut loose. Assembly is reverse.

After 22 years, you might find that the steel collars inserted in the rubber may have seized to the shaft flange or differential flange, requiring a little more prying. Be sure to set the car securely on a good set of stands, keeping safety first.
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