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Unhappy Hearter Fan is there a relay or something to cause intermitent operation?

Heater motor only working sporadically when starting car then turns off, then when accelerating (with added rpm the motor goes on again)
Have checked the motor does work connected to 12 volt power motor spins freely. Not sure how to check switch if faulty?
Car is w123 wagon 1982 280te. Fan did not work for some time then pulled motor to check, this was subsequently fine.(as stated above) Also checked fuse was told they heat up and cause intermittent power but fuse ok. What could be cause, any help appreciated????
Summer coming on and air would be great.
Switch seems to control a lever above fan motor behind dash, it moves freely. Is this switch also connected electrically (3 Speed Dial type)?
Please help can't even put on defrost when I need to.
kind regards
BB from down under
Did look thru past posts but not able to find similar post.
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