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Mystery (?) for the Techs..

Ijust got new fuel injectors and seals(andO rings) from Fastlane. Since my model, the 300SE 1987 Euro is not listed in their OnLine Catalog I supplied Phil with the Vin # , rather than order by specific part number - as I have successfully done several times before.
When the new parts arrived I went under the hood and discovered the part numbers don't match. Thet often don't as we all know - however here the threads of the injectors don't match either. The injectors coming off the car have the following Bosch number #0437 502 010, the new ones #0437 502 054. So I asked around and was told by my local shop that there is a newer number #0437 502 047 that might be what I am looking for . They suggested that my "New" Injectors are for a V8.
So I wrote Phil and asked him to swap the Injectors, no big deal I thought.
Here is the MYSTERY part.- HIS REPLY, which I am posting at his suggestion.
Also in the photo the seal for the Injector is clearly seen . It is very different looking from the new seals I got #116 070 00 77.
As these wrong aas well or are they just a new version ?

Hello Gideon,
We've researched this and the parts been superseeded to the ones you
have. I'm not sure about the threads on top. Try going on to the ShopForum
and asking one of the techs what they do for this problem

Thank you,
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