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Old 03-31-1999, 11:17 PM
Chris Ecklund
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I have noticed a strange noise coming from under the hood when the engine is cold. It sounds like a very bad vacuum leak, or wheezing kind of sound, that gets louder and worse as the revs go up. Once the engine is warm, it goes away, unless you really tramp the pedal down.

The only other time it shows up is at higher speed cruising, starting at around 125-130 kph.

There is no other problems, leaks of fluid or such.

Could this be a problem or symptom of the turbo waste gate? not opening, or vent off the excess pressure?.

Could it be simply a valve in the air cleaner not being opened up yet?

Being a problem only when cold, it is leading me this way.

By the way, in the first week of ownership, we racked up some 2,000 clicks!

Chris Ecklund
98 300 DT