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84 190e 2.3 Lost oil pressure

Noticed the oil pressure did not peg recently. The guage went down to 2 and below at speed. Changed oil and it went back to normal. Wife driving the other day on highway and lost oil pressure. It went to 0 and she pulled over. She said car lost power and she could here valves tapping. She cut it off. Later, I started and oil pressure pegged and was normal again. It ran good and drove car home and ran rpm to 4000 for a test and oil pressure stayed pegged. An hour later I restarted and no oil pressure. Engine sounded stressed and I could here the valves tapping. Checked relief valve and it was ok. Looked at oil filter and it had very small bits of metal. Oil pump? Can I raise the engine a few inches to remove oil pan? Can front cover be removed without removing head? Car is in good condition with 170,000 miles. Oil changed every 3000; 10w-40. I did use 10w-30 just before all this happened. Any recommendations?
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