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Johnson Chan
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Hello everyone and thanks for the replies.


I am going to take your suggestion and use wd-40 to pinpoint the problem. I went crazy with a can of wd-40 and lubed everything underneith the rearend a few months ago and it worked, but just not for long, lol. I am going to use this method of troublshooting.

If it does turn out to be the shocks, I will take your suggestion and replace all 4 to prevent "porpoise" situation.

Hey Donald, I havnt talked to you either in a long time. Did you and Joan enjoy the trip to NM? You know women soemtimes , cause I sure dont, HA. She will have to live with it until spring time comes cuase i ant going to be outisde messing with a non critial component in 30 degree weather, HEHE.

Thanks everyone...
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