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burnt/melted headlight socket? help?

Hey guys, my driver side headlight went out tonight, so I'm thinking ok, I just need to replace the wen't dead. So I goto pep boys, get a new bulb and go to put it in and notice that it seems like the socket melted or burned. The MB shop is closed tomorrow so I can't take it tomorrow, I'd imagine it's closed on christmas eve, and also on christmas. So, i'm stuck with one for a while. So i was wondering if any of you techies know how to fix the socket (cutting it open, scraping out the burnt plastic, electrical tape? haha) or if I can get one at a normal store, it's late so I can't quite drive around and ask, so I was hoping someone would know. I'm guessing the middle socket (the burnt) is for the regular beams, because if i switch on my highbeams on the light works fine.

Here is what my normal passenger side socket looks like:

And the burnt:

Any feedback would be awesome guys...thanks!
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