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Thumbs up Hey PaulC May have the problem solved

Hey there PaulC
Are you there?
Just did what you said Its not the ignition switch it is fine, did test with torch connected to power supply to fan motor works fine.

Then connected the power to fan it did not work accidently turned fan upside down bingo fan works.
Turn it round right way up no go, upside down it works again???
Then put it right way up put a bit of pressure under drive shaft on fan and bingo it works .

But remove pressure and same again no connection and no power?

Does this mean that the bearings may be gone do they have anything to do with power supply or is it a case of resistance and fan motor cannot spin??

What happens now can I replace bearing , or is it time to get new motor?

Today is Sunday here am going to dealer tomorrow to pick up wife's 190e after some work, will pick up relevant bits tomorrow.

thanks for your help.

kind regards
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