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Originally Posted by david s poole View Post
i think you might be better off replacing the fuel distributor.available for 350-400 rebuilt and calibrated.guar is seems as though one or two cylinders have to run rich in order to carry the lean didn't give the oxygen readings which might confirm this.
You own stock in a fuel distributor remanufacturer? This is the second time you've told me to replace the fuel distributor and you haven't even heard/seen the car running, I PM you asking you for help and I get no response, so,,,

Car runs much better after aligning the TPS, idle RPM dropped from 1200 to 750 like it should be, need to check lambda again as now it seems the car is running properly. Who knows maybe I fixed a vacuum leak when i pulled the throttle body of the throttle valve assembly to check out the TPS.

For anyone that is interested,,, the TPS is a very simple contact switch. If you have problems with the TPS, first check the adjustment screw on the rear most side of the throttle valve. There is a screw that is factory sealed with yellow stuff. If that's been tampered with, well then your butterfly to TPS sensor is out of adjustment,,, no need to pull at that crap when you can readjust the sensor with an Ohm meter.

1 pin goes to WOT contact
middle pin is the common contact
other outside pin goes to idle contact

Looking from the top,,, WOT is about 10 O clock, while idle is at 6 O clock. The center pin travels between 6 and 10 depending upon the throttle position. The center pin does NOTHING in bwteen idle and WOT,,, simple contacts. at idle, 2 is shorted to 3,,, and WOT 2 is shorted to 1,,,
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