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Unhappy Transmission out of Commission ?

Well, it finally happened, my car won't start. (Thank God it lasted me to the holidays !!!)

Since about Tuesday, when warming up my car in "P" after sitting overnight or for several hours, it has on a few occassions shifted itself into "D", causing the car to surge forward in either "P" or when I switch it to "N". The problem usually went away after warming it up for a while.

This morning, it did the same except it started bucking wildly, so I shut off the ignition before I do any more (potential) damage to the tranny. I am hoping it isn't too major as I didn't hear any grinding or clunking noises.

Have any of you heard of this happening to anyone? Am I in for an expensive transmission job, or could this maybe just be something out of joint that needs adjusting ?

Any peace of mind on this would be great over the holidays.

Thanks and Happy Holidays,


1976 230.4 W115
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