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anyone have a transmission issues?

I just bought a 1995 with 228K. All service history from new 1 owner .
Pretty much everything mentioned has been replaced or rebuilt at some point.

Anyone have any Transmission problems?
I've noticed that when shifting from 1st to 2nd (around 15mph) the car "kicks". from 2nd to 3rd gear it "hesitates" to shift for like a second then when it doe's shift it"kicks" harder( car rocks a bit) .
However when I shift it with the pedel(ease off the gas when I expect the tranny to shift) the "kicking" is not too bad.
Are these signs of the tranny on it's way out?
would a bad transmission mount cause this?
Anyone have this issue or something similar?
What should I expect to pay?


I absolutely love this car. great ride, comfy roomy interior, stylish body. ETC
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