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Brewtoo you may be right,,, but let's looks at some history,,, the following quotes were all made this month (5/2007) by David to various other forum members regarding their performance problems ,,,

i think that you need another fuel distributor.there is too much o2 in the exhaust and that is probably from one or two cylinders not getting the same amount of fuel as the others.if correct you should see o2 levels down to .2 or .3%.try running engine at idle in gear with emergency brake on and open the fuel lines at the distributor one at a time and see if one or two don't make much diff.

think you might be better off replacing the fuel distributor.available for 350-400 rebuilt and calibrated.guar is seems as though one or two cylinders have to run rich in order to carry the lean didn't give the oxygen readings which might confirm this.

sounds like you need a rebuilt fuel distributor/and or a rebuilt warm up regulator.

have you any idea how many miles are on your fuel distributor?

plan on replacing the fuel distributor it will save a lot of headaches.

you probably need fuel distributor.

go get a fuel distributor, then you will be at peace with your benz.

David Poole may be a valuable contributor to this forum, by providing excellent advise, but I see a repeated attack on the fuel distributors,,, Now I don't know if mine is good or bad, but I was told (by David) to replace the fuel distributor before I found out that one plug was cross threaded and had a gap of about 80/1000's. Before I discovered that some PO adjusted the "idle" screw (Actually TPS sensor to butterfly valve calibration). Before even asking if I had checked for a vacuum leak, O2 sensor etc. When I read his post, it's like,,, this mf's crazy to think I'm gonna throw a $400 part at the car if I don't even know that the part is bad,,,

Now there may be some merit to replacing the fuel distributor,,, but what the hey, why not just replace the friggin engine,,, it'll surely run better then,,,

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