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Originally Posted by david s poole View Post
i have recently found out by doing some research on an emmissions dyno that the fuel distributors on all these cars have out of calibration issues.when they reach 120-150kmls there is enough dirt in them to mess up the calibration.just because it runs ok does'nt mean it's i don't own shares or have any connection with i had to recommend a 2000 dlr repair to a client to fix a prob they would call me nuts but now a better product is available for less than own car would never start easily when warm and i did everything possible except replace the distributor.after replacement it starts easily every time cold or hot,increased mileage from 13 to 18,has a lot more torque and will now easily pass texas emmissions without my having to play with fuel mixture.incidently it still has original cats.
well, in my case it is the reverse. changed most everything to no avail.
replaced cat, passed emission test.

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