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My 94 E320 Wagon just turned over 200,000 miles. It is a fantastic car--I intend to drive it at least another 100,000 miles. The interior still looks like it did when it rolled of the assembly line, and the performance rivals many new cars I have riden in or driven. Having said all this, I would still only recommend this car if you are a DIYer or don't mind paying for expensive maintenance. Here's my list....

wiring harness DIY
head gasket DIY
rear suspension accumulators DIY
blower motor DIY
EGR tube DIY
temp sensor for climate control DIY
AC evaporator DIY
belt tensioner DIY
ignition coils DIY
ignition wires DIY
smog pump (rebuild) DIY
throttle actuator rewire DIY
brakes DIY
radiator DIY
steering tie rods DIY
and of course all the routine stuff...

One of the previous posts mentioned multiple head gasket failures. There are at least two different manufacturers of head gaskets. Only one has the reinforcement that prevents leaks at the right front corner. If a gasket was replaced with the non reinforced one, it will fail again.....Also, I think the wire harness is more in the $800 range for just the part.

J. M. van Swaay
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