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I don't think you need to use additives for a newer car. They're "band-aids" for engines with a lot of miles; temporarily improving compression, reducing blow-by, and smoking at startup due to bad valve seals. I wouldn't use any of this stuff on a MB engine either...

Rislone and and Lucas products are not a bad idea to add to your oil if you are going to store a car for a long period of time, thus lubricating the rings and coating the cylinder walls. When you get the car out of storage, change the oil and filter right away. Also, change the oil/filter before putting the car in storage.

I used Lucas on my '66 Olds Toronado (now deceased) with the hi-compression 425 ci V8 (385 HP). It did all of the things mentioned above, but I eventually spun a bearing.

Here are some pics of the engine/trans pull, tough work with that huge trans and final drive.
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