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Have not been to Maine yet. This is as far North as I get. We would be
Flat-Landers to the Maine folks...

On the E320 temps..
There is a chart for the FI ecu ETC that would give you the temp./ohms to make a comparison, but I think a known resistor in the gauge sensor circuit would tell you the acccuracy of the gauge. From there you will know if you need a sensor or not [ I would just change the sensor as they do get out of wack with age and they are only 10-12 $$$]
I would also like to say that I don't find 95/100 C running temp to be out of line on E320s. The aux fan is not called for until 107.
The thermo is 89C, but that is start to open temp. Full open is
around 96C.
If you check the archives, you will notice that many of the members have done a mod on the aux fan cut in to keep from going past 100.
I personally think the car run best at 95/100 and should cause no alarm.
I may also mention that the AF mixture of 50/50 seems to work the best for heat transfer.
If you would like the other ETC chart, email me and I will send it to you.
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