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Bob Perkins
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Hello Bo,
the peice that broke was an elbow peice of plastic. both ends of it were male and one end broke in the hose and the other end broke going down into the radiator. the peice that broke going into the radiator was an interesting process. i had to take the big hose off coming out of the top of the radiator. then i had to CAREFULLY break off the 3 clips and pull them out so they didn't fall into the radiator. then i held my finger on the bottom of the remainder of that peice and my Dad took a screw into it and pulled it out! then the new elbow popped right in!rehooked the hose and that was it ! part number ? good question? here is what is on the package 11039C556 and it says Radiator fitting under that! now there are other numbers on here! if that's not it let me know and i'll get you the other numbers
Have a Good One !
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