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please final help about the Speedometer remover

Hi, after posting 3 post, I have got no response about this. Please help me.....I am trying to remove the cluster to lube the
speedocable because it is making a load noise and is also causing the speedometer to be slightly jumping. I have already pull the cluster out. But what is next? I have read lots of post but I don't really understand it. I have pull out so far that I can only see this big plug on the right side with all the wire going into
it......this question is how to unplug this connector? Do I twist it off or do I just unplug it by pulling on it? By the way, I have pull
the cluster out (as far as I can without yanking on it) I still
can't reach my hand behind it. Do I need to unplug that big connector or I can pull the cluster out even more? Again Please

My car is a 86's 190E 16V

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