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Unhappy Transmission Woes

Help - Just purchased a 1989 300SE Sat. I drove it home (50+ miles one way all highway driving). I got off the highway and had to stop to turn onto my street and the car wouldn't shift out of first gear. Engine rpm was about 4500!

I limped home (200 yards) and there the car sat. I check the fluids, both hot and cold and they were fine, no burnt smell. I let the car sit for 4-5 hrs, and started it up, but still would not shift out of first gear. This morning I started up and pulled out of the driveway and it shifted normally. I drove it approximately 5 miles with no problems.

I'm totally stumped. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking that if I have to replace the transmission I'll return the car, but it is something minor I'll take care of it.

Happy Holidays to all
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