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Geez, I wish I had a 215 chassis owners manual here, thing that ticks me off is I probably do---"somewhere".
Couple possibilities. First of all on a 215's I believe there is an "auto" position on the switch itself.
If I'm all wrong on that, I believe you need to get into the personal preferences screen, that's the one that says "settings can be set at standstill". Uh, of course you have to be at a stand still to enter that one---duh. Get to where it says that, then use the up or down arrows to access the "lighting" page, you should be able to get that setting in there.
You know, MB is very helpful about things like this also. If you can't figure it out, call the 1 800 FOR-MERCedes number, they can help too.
Or if nothing else, I can keep digging, or maybe come up with some good info for you on Wednesday. Or shovel out my basement and look for a CL owners manual. Nah, it's almost Christmas, better call it Wednesday!
I've never heard of a software glitch like this BTW. Always a first time, but I think we need to beat our heads against the wall before we get a good answer, these MB's are funny that way.
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