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Dead Cylinders on 72 280SE 4.5

I lost power at the end of a fifty mile cruise with a newly installed Crane Cams ignition system,with an MSD 6AL, and an Accel Super coil. The plug gap is .050-Champions. The engine vacuum is a steady 10 lbs. at the throttle body under the throttle plate, this is the highest reading I can get adjusting the timing within the range available but it seems to desire more counterclockwise movement. Compression is at 120 lbs on all 8. The injectors seem quieter on the middle two injectors on both sides but especially so on the #2 and #3 cyl. Disconnecting the plug wires at the cap doesn't affect the idle on these two cylinders. The injectors click and spritz when hot wired, and the plug on #2 showed no sign of being exposed to the combustion process. I would apreciate any advise to get me back on the road.
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