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1983 240D intake manifold upgrade question

I will be putting the 240D engine back together this coming week and need some guidance concerning the vent line coming out of the cam cover. Anyway, I purchased an engine - 616 912 - (to get the cylinder head) that does not have the egr connection points between the intake and exhaust nor the "butterfly" in the intake manifold. I would like to install these manifolds on my 1983 but the intake does not look like there is any place to bolt the "cyclone separator" up to that the cam cover vent line dumped into on the original set up. If I go with this manifold set up what should I do with the cam cover vent line? It looks like the air cleaner will fit onto the non-egr intake manifold but it is going to position it further from the engine which I do not see as creating any problem.
I can post pictures of the two styles of intake manifolds if anyone would like to see them.
Also, what year did MB first install the egr system on this engine?
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