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Car Possessed? Read This!!

Prayers Work!

Last month the key to my lug nuts was missing.
Looked everywhere to no avail. Prayed and was
guided to look to where i would not normally bother.
found the key!!

Yesterday, prior to going to the tire shop, popped
the trunk to get the same key i placed at the tire well
at driver's side. key was missing again!! told myself
was i only dreaming when i consciously left the key
there, or is this car is also possessed!!

Prayed and was guided to look for it at the same tire
well. After owning this car for 12 years, i have not known
which i am sure most of you with 124 series, that there is
an opening/hole that runs the width of the trunk from left
to right. Got a flexible rubber, forced it through the opening
and YES, the missing key popped out!!

Merrry Christmas and the best of the New Year to everyone!!

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