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98 C230 Maintenance, Throttle Plate, CD ?

98 C230, just went over 50K. A couple of maintenance questions:

1. Seems like I read in the maintenance info about lubricating the throttle plate or something similar. Is this a critical maintenance step? Where exactly and what lubricant is applied?

2. Related Question: Has anyone been able to obtain the Maintenance CD for the 98 C class, and if so, have you found it illustrative and helpful?

BTW.....still running fine.....oil changes, filter changes and one plug change. A couple of alignments

Car handling at high speed is very, very sensitive to alignment, tire pressure and proper adjustrment of front wheel bearings. High speed stability depends on all of these being spot on. Other than this, it does handle pretty well.

Thanks for any comments on the above two issues....

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