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It probably says something about lubing the throttle linkage, not much to worry about on a 98 111 motor, has 722.6 trans, so no trans throttle valve cable to worry about either.
On earlier throttle linkage cars, when the linkage needs to be removed for repairs, you're supposed to grease it with hi-temp bearing grease inside the sockets. For servicing at maintenance, you're supposed to use ATF on the joints. But on a 98, your getting into electronic accelerator with ME fuel injection and not much is serviceable.
I don't believe MB is selling any service discs yet for the 202 chassis, 126, 124, 201 chassis, that's as new as they're getting right now. I've heard rumors about 140 and 202 becoming available, I wouldn't hold my breath.
Seems like the most critical element for 202 stability is tire quality more than any thing else, just my $.03.
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