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Here's a few ideas.
First of all, all mechanics have been down this road at least once---there is gas IN the tank, right?
I am unsure if your car has one pump or 2. It'll run, but kind of lousy, on one pump (assuming it has 2). If it has a single pump and it fails, then it DON'T run too good (at all actually).
To inspect for the circuit protection for the fuel pump, that's kind of tricky sitting here at home on Christmas eve, but here's a couple good guesses:
First, remove the plastic panel on the passengers side by the firewall in the under-hood area, it either just sits there or is held down by about 6 phillips head screws. Once you get that off, I'm pretty sure circuit protestion is via one of the fuses in the BM, or Base Module. The base module is a fairly good sized module box with a square plastic door on top. Open the door and there are some push-in style fuses in there, just pull them out one at a time and look for a blown one, there's probably only 2 or 3 fuses in there. The BM may be visible once you take off that large cover, or it may be located in yet another black module box located under the first cover you took off. If there is a second box that the BM is in, the cover will be held down by 4 or 5 allen head machine screws. I believe the car also has an overvoltage protection relay which is under the first plastic cover, although I don't believe it will cause a stall/no start condition like this. You can look at it anyways, it's a small relay with the whole top made of clear plastic. The cover will flip open to allow access to another one or 2 push-in style fuses, you can check it/them also, but again I believe the fuel pump circuit is protected by the BM.
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