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loubapache -- haven't received it yet...still waiting. I've got about 1500 more miles before the MB is due for an oil change and 2000 left on the VW. I'm certainly going to try it out shortly after it arrives. I'll let you know.

I am having some airflow issues, but haven't dug into them yet. My center dash vents aren't working and the rear vent is only blowing COLD air. Oh well...not sure when I'll have the time to get THAT involved with it. I'm thinking a visit to the shop may be in order.

So how has your diesel been behaving when started cold? Just curious, as mine is just a bit rough (maybe 10-15sec) when started in the morning. Maybe need to check the glowplugs?? I think I'm used to the VW diesel, which fires right off.

Anyway, Happy Holidays and we'll catch up later.
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