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hard starting

i have a 89 300se.iam in pa and the car is problem is the car starts differently all the could sit a week or a day sometimes i just touch the key and it starts other times it may take 3 or 4 tries and it cranks forever.once its warm i have no trouble restarting it.ive changed the original cap, rotor ,and wires and also put in plugs.are the fuel pumps on these cars noisey ?mine has a good hum to guy told me it may need an o2 adjustment.i just dont know if my problem is fuel or electrical or maybe even a bad sensor.this may sound crazy but the exhaust from the car really smells funky.i run 94 octane in it so bad gas shouldn t be an issue.has anyone had a problem like this?does anyone have any ideas on what it could be?i just dont want to start replacing parts we all know they are not so cheap. thanks in advance. ed
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