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Originally posted by Thai GI

1. Iím a member of MBCA, we have an advertisement on our ďStarĒ magazine there is a place in OR that do drive shaft work their web page is:
2. Before you start are you sure itís not your propeller shaft intermediate bearing or the rear universal joint ring bearings needing grease or need replacement?
3. Lastly if youíre in Malaysia why donít you go into Singapore to just get newer spare parts there, I hear any car older then 3 years old are scraped, I wished I have something like that available to me. :p
Sawasdee Khun Thai GI -

1. Thanks for the link.
2. Will check on this, though it sounds quite logical.
3. Cars older than 10 years are scrapped in Singapore, unless you buy an extended Certificate of Entitlement. Anyway, I doubt if it might be a good idea to purchase a second hand d/shaft when a new one would probable cost about $800.

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