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The fluid is new and the old fluid was clean. I usually change it every 30k miles regardless for peace of mind. It has been doing this for quite some time so this is not a new thing with the car. 3-2 is also harsh but not quite as bad as the 4-3. All other shifts are smooth. It upshifts great at part or full throttle and downshifts fine at full throttle.

I was basically inquiring on more specifics to any adjustments that I may be able to make and just go from there to see if maybe I could smooth it out a bit.

By the way, I'm new to this forum but I couldn't help but notice all of the postings on synthetics and non-synthetic oils. The one thing I found missing was anyone doing an oil sample to back up their gut feelings on this topic. I've never done a sample on regular oil so I have no information to share with anyone on that but I have done many samples on synthetic oils, of which I only use, and they all come back great.

I ran 15W-50 mobil 1 in my car for 10k miles before I changed it and the sample on that came back perfect. I just recently sent a sample of Amsoil 10W-40 in with 10k miles on it and it too came back perfect. According to those samples I could have kept running the oil in the engine but I can't get passed the psychological aspect of it. It took me a long time just to get passed the 3k mile change. I don't ever see myself going more than 10k miles on the same oil in the future. Just my .02 cents.

I would be very interested to hear if anyone has done a sample on regular oil and what the results were. Who knows, maybe all of us die-hard synthetic fans are spending too much money on our oil!! I may even use my car as a guinea pig and try a sample on regular oil after 5k miles just to see what the results are.

Thanks to all and happy holidays!!!

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