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Unhappy Severe Vibration after Transmission Fluid/Filter Change

Facts: 1989 560 SEL 90k Miles. Changed transmission filter and fluid using MB approved fluid. Had to rotate torque converter (TC) to find drain plug. To do this I rotated the fly wheel by inserting a small pry bar thru one of two holes just in front of the TC. I rotated the fly wheel counter clockwise (from a drivers stand point) until I could see the plug.

Now I have a serious vibration. It vibrates only when the wheels are moving, even when I'm coasting in netural, whether or not the engine is running. At a stand still, it moves between P-R-N-D perfectly and does not vibrate. When I raise the rear and put the car in either R or D it vibrates as well.

Other work done at the same time: Oil and filter change, plugs, plug wires, dist. cap and rotor. please, Please, PLEASE help. Thanks, mscotta

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