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Dealer service advisor maintaining innocence

I took the car in to have a number of things done to make it right, one of which was to address the rear wheel well. My service advisor, who when I brought the car in was very sympathetic and gave me confidence this would be handled, called today to say that the shop foreman she spoke with assured her that the car is as it should be. Now, they're saying that my spare is a non-standard size. I argued and we agreed that tomorrow, I will go out there and we will straighten this out.

My PPI mechanic (Enrique) used to be the service manager for this dealership (Auto Stiegler) and is well-known by Los Angeles members of this forum. So I'm sure he is right when he says the spare tire well was compromised by the previous owner.

I'm sure I know this, but the '92 500E came with a full size spare, correct? I can't figure out why they are fighting me so much on this. All they have to do is hammer it out and possibly respray underneath.

More to come...
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