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No Forward Gears........HELP!


I have a 90 300CE (124 Coupe) with about 175k miles on it.

I was driving home and was stopped at a stop sign, when I went to go forward I felt a thud and now the car has no forward gears, reverse is fine but no forward. I tried putting the car in first gear and moving the shfter lever all the way down then back into park. But no forward, the car feels as if it is still in neutral with no responce to drive, or forward gears. Reverse is strong with no problems.

The transmission was rebuilt about 2 years ago, and has about 60k miles on it. The fliud was replaced with Mobile 1 synthetic about a month ago and was fine up till tonight. Am I looking at another transmision rebuild?

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Just sold em all !! Curently driving a, 06.5 VW GTI

90' 300CE
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