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Thank you very much for the reply, Jim. I had a hard time determining where to life the car using a floor jack. The manual reads to lift it at the "frame cross member", but I wasn't sure where that was. Is the cross member directly behind the oil pan? At first I lifted it by placing the floor jack directly behind the transmission oil pan, on a plate that had a rubber "gromett" bolted to its top that looks like it is protection for the drive shaft. Maybe I bent something, althought it doesn't look like I did. When I raised the rear end and put it in drive I could not see anything vibrating around where I lifted the car the first time. But, man is the shuddering loud and it scared me to get under it even though the front tires were blocked off. A N D why does it shudder when it's only coasting??? AAAGGGHHH!

This may be one for Ben's Workshop in Austin, Texas. I don't mind taking it in if I can't fix it. I just don't get what I might have done... I think I'm going to cry.... but that wouldn't be "manley", hahaha hahaboo hoo boo hoo!! BTW, this is a great board!

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