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Thanks for being so nice to someone who did something so stupid. Yes, I did raise the car by the transmission cross member. I finally got under and saw where the drive shaft (where it bolts to the transmission) is rubbing up against the floor board. I am not driving it, nor will I, believe it or not I have that much sense, although I question it sometimes and I'm very embarrassed about what I did.

I'm not trying to belittle this problem, but it doesn't look too bad as far as things being torn up. Some of the rubber gasket along the out side of where the plates bolt together has been rubbed off by the floor board. There is still about 1/8" between the floor board and the plates. Both the bolts and the plates look okay. Now that we know the problem, may I have suggestions as to my next step? (Although I'm pretty sure it will end up at Ben's Benz). Thanks. Signed, "Red as a Beat". (M. Scott Anderson).
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